Program Send to chip

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After you have tested your program you can run one of the supported programmers. You can also press F4 or click on the bm19 button.


Some programmers support the auto flash option from the programmers options.

When you select this option, the programmer window will not be visible, but the chip will be erased, programmed and verified automatically. The progress will be visible in the IDE-menu bar.


Different serial comport and parallel printer port based programmers are supported. You must select one first with the Options Programmers menu.


MCS Flashprogrammer

Blow IT Flashprogrammer


MCS SPI programmer


JPK Systems X-programmer

Peter Averill's TAFE programmer

SE512 or SE514


STK200/STK300 ISP programmer

Sample Electronics simple cable ISP programmer

RHOMBUS SCE-51 Emulator

CYGNAL JTAG programmer