Peter Averill's TAFE programmer

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The TAFE flashprogrammer is a parallel printer port based programmer and can be build with the DT004 and DT206 SimmSticks from Dontronics. The programmer can program only AT89C1051 to AT89C4051 chips.


Peter also has schematics available on the web so you can build your own PCB.

The programmer supports all the usual features except the 'read signature' feature.

Thats is why you have to select the used chip yourself from the mnu.


The programmer uses the same interface as the MCS Flashprogrammer, so for a description read the MCS Flashprogrammer help.

I got some feedback from a user that had problems with his programmer.

he added 5K1 pullup resistors to +5V. This is shown in the picture below. The dots (11) must each have a resistor of 5K1 to +5V.