JPK Systems X-programmer

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The JPK Systems X-programmer is a serial comport based SPI-programmer.

It is fully optical isolated and so an ideal device for industrial equipment.

It supports AVR chips too, but these aren't supported in BASCOM of course so there is only support for the 89S8252 and the 89S53.


Since it is serial based, the support is placed in the terminal emulator.

After selecting the JPK programmer, there will be additional menu options available in the terminal emulator. All these options can be found under the JPK menu.

The transfer between the PC and the programmer is implemented with the X-modem CRC protocol.



Select device

Use this option to select the targetdevice. You can choose between the 89S8252 and the 89S53.



Erase the target chip.


Read code

Will read the codememory from the chip. You will be asked for a filename first.


Program chip

Will program the targetchip with the current program.


Set lockbits

Will set the lockbits of the targetchip. All lockbits will be set.



Will save the EEPROM data into a file. This only applies to the AT89S8252.



Will program the EEPROM with a file. This only applies to the AT89S8252.


Of course all commands can be typed manually too, but you must set the terminal emulator communication settings to 2400N82 in that case.