STK200/300 ISP Programmer

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The STK200 and STK300 are AR starter kits from Atmel.

They come with a parallel printer port programmer dongle for in system programming of the chips.

This dongle can be used to program the 89S8252 or 89S53.


For those who don't have this kit and the programmer the following schematic shows how to make your own programmer:




The dongle has a chip with no identification but since the schematic is all over the web, I have included it. Kanda also sells a very cheap separate programmer dongle. So I suggest you buy this one!

MCS also sells a compatible dongle.

The following screen will pop up when you have selected this programmer:



You must select the chip you use. By selecting the FlashROM TAB or the EEPROM TAB you can write that info to the chip. When the chip does not have EEPROM memory, the EEPROM TAB will not be visible.

When the chip such as the 89S8253, 89S2051 or 89S4051 has USER data, an additional TAB will be shown.

This is intended to read/write the user data.


When you select auto Flash, pressing F4 from the IDE will program the chip automatic and the window will not be displayed.


When Code + Data is selected from the programmer options both the Code and the EEPROM data are programmed.


The STK200/300 is recommended for new programmers.