Options Programmer

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This option let you select the target programmer.

The supported programmers are :


MCS Flashprogrammer
Blow IT programmer
MCS SPI programmer
JPK Systems X-programmer
Peter Averill's TAFE programmer
SE512 or SE514



The auto flash options will automatic program a chip without displaying the programmer window.

The auto verify option will verify automatically after each programming.

Selecting 'Code + Data' will program both the flash and the EEPROM.




You can select various programmers. On the Parallel-TAB you can select the LPT-address.

You can also Add or Remove an LPT-address. It is only possible to remove address that you added yourself.


The port delay can best be set to 0. In some cases you might want to increase the value.

Some programmers have I2C chips on them. For example the MCS Flash programmer. Since different I2C chips exist for the PCF8574, you need to select the checkbox when you use the PCF8574A.