PG2051 flash programmer

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The PG2051 is a serial comport based programmer and can program AT89C1051 and ATC2051 chips only. A nice feature is that the programmer can serve as an simulator too. The programmer works with Intel HEX files only.


The following menu options are available:


File Exit

This will exit the programmer.


Buffer read from disk

This allows you to load a binary file from disk.

The current projects binary file is always loaded automatic.


Buffer write to disk

This option can be used to save the buffer to disk.


Buffer download

With this option you send the programs' hex file to the programmer/simulator.

After it is sent, you can program the chip or simulate the program.


Buffer retrieve

Use this option to load the chip content into the buffer.


Buffer verify

This option will verify the buffer with the chip content.


Buffer autoprogram

This option will erase the chip, download the buffer, program the chip and finally verifies the chip.


Chip get type

To identify the chip you can select this option.

The radio-button 89C1051 or 89C2051 will be set.


Chip set lockbit 1

Set lockbit 1 so the chip can not be programmed anymore.


Chip set lockbit 2

Set lockbit 2 so the chip can not be programmed or verified/read anymore .


Chip erase

Erases the chip.


Chip program

Will program the chip with the downloaded buffer.


Chip simulate

Will simulate the programmed program. This saves swapping the chip in and out of the target application.