PG302 programmer

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The PG302 is a serial comport based programmer.

The programmer can program a wide variety of chips with additional adapters.

The BASCOM interface is designed to look similar with the original PG302 driver software.


You must select the target chip from the device list.

Some chips will enable the memory radio buttons. For example the AT89S8252.

You can select the memory-area with the radio buttons in these cases.


Blank check

Will perform a blank check on the chip. That is, every memory location will be checked if it is equal to 255 (hex FF), indicating an un-programmed byte.



Will erase the chip. All memory locations will be set to 255.



Will program the chip with the current program.

If EEPROM-memory is selected, you will be asked for a filename.



Will verify the current program with the target chip.



Will read the target chip and saves the result to a file.


Set lockbit

Will set the selected lock bits.

You must select the lock bits first. The lock bits to set depend on the selected target chip.


Auto erase

When this checkbox is selected, the target chip will be erased before it will be programmed.


Auto verify

When this checkbox is selected, the result will be verified after each programming.