SE512 or SE514 programmer

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The SE512 and SE514 are parallel printer port based programmers.

The nice thing about these programmers is that they can simulate the application too. This has the advantage that no device swapping is needed until your application works like you want. The SE512 can program the AT89C1051 to AT89C4051. The SE514 can program larger chips too.


Buffer clear

Will clear the buffer.


Buffer load from file

With this option you can load a file into the buffer. By default the current program is loaded into the buffer.


Buffer save to file

With this option you can save the buffer to a binary file.


Chip Write buffer into chip

With this option you program the chip.


Chip Read chipcode into buffer

This option will read the target device its memory into the buffer.


Chip Blank check

Performs a blank check on the target device. A chip is considered blank if every memory location contains 255 (FF hex)


Chip Erase

Will erase the target chip.


Chip verify

Will verify the buffer with the chipcontent.


Chip autoprogram

Will erase, program and verify the chip.


Note that the targetchip will be detected automatic. When the targetchip can't be detected, the menu options will not work.