Options Monitor

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With the monitor options you can select the monitor you use.


There are only a few monitor programs supported.

Altair 535/537
Altair 552
Monitor hex upload


The Altair monitor needs special instructions and uses binary files.

The hex upload feature is meant for monitor programs that work with hex files.


You can upload a file to the target uP from the terminal emulator with the Upload file option.


For hex file based monitors there are 3 additional options:

omonitor prefix, is sent before the hex file
omonitor suffix, is sent after the hex file upload is completed


The prefix and suffix can contain returns or any ASCII character.

Use {asc} , to imbed an ASCII character. asc=0-255.


For example @{13} for the prefix, will send @ followed by a return.

omonitor delay, must be specified in msec's, and is the delay time for each line sent.