MCS SPI programmer

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The MCS SPI programmer is a parallel printer port based SPI-programmer.

It is a modified design of Jakub Jiricek's SPI-programmer. (two LED's were added)


The programmer can program the AT89S52 which has an extra 2048 bytes built in EEPROM for storing data and the AT89S53.

The nice thing about SPI-programmable chips is that the chip can be programmed in circuit. You only must design your application so that the SPI-port pins will not be pulled low.


The following menu options are available:


File exit

Will exit the programmer.


Write code

Will program the chip with the current programs binary image.


Write data

Will ask for a file and will write the data to the EEPROM.


Verify code

Will verify the programs binary image with the chip content.


Verify data

Will verify a file with the chips EEPROM content.


Read code

Will ask for a filename and will write the chip content to the file.


Read data

Will ask for a filename and will write the EEPROM content to the file.


Chip reset

Will reset the chip.


Chip erase

Will erase the chip.


Chip set lockbits

Will set the selected lock bits.


The following use feedback was received:

I have at last found my problem with the SPI flash programmer designed by

Jakub Jiricek.


My PC's LPT port was set to NORMAL mode in the BIOS. Symptoms include

normal reset pulse but very slow progress bar with eventual failure to verify.


Correct programmer operation was achieved by changing to EPP (enhanced

parallel port) mode in BIOS. I can only assume that the s/w must be using

one line in bi-directional mode. Of course, this "fix" may only apply to my PC.


noticeNot recommended for new programmers.