Rhombus SCE-51

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Rhombus developed the SCE-51. A powerful small 8051 micro processor board with on board RAM and FLASHROM and bootloader.

In addition the board serves as an in circuit emulator.


Transferring your program to RAM goes very fast. Faster than loading it into the traditional FLASHROM. So during debugging it is well suited for debugging large applications.


When you select the SCE-51, the following window will appear when you press F4.




The filename is automatic filled.

The original SCE-51 software from Rhombus has much more options and BASCOM only supports programming to RAM and FLASH.


You must select the target memory before you click the Program button.


By clicking the Erase button you can erase the memory.

During programming a status bar will be shown.


The baud rate is fixed to 19200 baud. Support for 115200 baud will be added later.