Tools Terminal Emulator

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With this option you can start the built in terminal emulator.

The following window will appear:



The terminal emulator supports ANSI, TTY, VT100 and VT220 terminal emulation.

Information you type and information that the computer board sends,

are displayed in the same window.


You must use the same baud rate for the terminal emulator and the program you compile. If you compiled your program with the Compiler Settings at 4800 baud, you must set the Communication Settings also to 4800 baud. The setting for the baud rate is reported in the report file.


The terminal menu has a few options.


File upload

This will upload the current program in HEX format to a monitor program.

With the Options Monitor settings, you can specify an optional header to be sent before the actual hex file is sent to the monitor.

Also a delay in mS can be specified for a optional delays after each line sent.


When an ALTAIR ROM is selected from the Monitor Options, a binary file will be sent to the monitor. The baud rate of the terminal emulator will be used.

For an 552 ALTAIR ROM, the terminal baud rate must be set to 115200 baud.



While sending the hex file to the monitor, an extra menu option will be available:


File Escape

This will abort the upload to the monitor program.


File Exit

This will close the terminal emulator window.