Tools LCD designer

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With this option, you can design special characters for LCD displays.

The following window will appear:




The LCD matrix has 7x5 points.

The bottom row is reserved for the cursor but can be used.

You can select a point by clicking the left mouse button.

If a cell was selected it will be de selected.


By clicking, the Clear All button you can clear all points.

By clicking the Set All button you can set all points.


With the Options Compiler LCD settings you can choose if the 3 most significant bits must be set high. Some LCD displays require this.


When you are finished you can press the Ok button:

a statement will be inserted in your active program editor window at the current cursor position.

The statement looks like this :


Deflcdchar ?,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8


You must replace the ?-sign with a number ranging from 0 to7.

When you want to display the custom character you can use the chr() function.

LCD chr(0) 'will display custom character 0.


The numbers after the custom character are representing the row values.

An empty row is converted to 32 (space) since a zero is used to terminate the bytes.