Tools LIB Manager

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With this option you can add and remove ASM routines to the libraries.

The following windows will be displayed:




Select a library first by clicking on it.

The Routines list will be refreshed with the contents of the selected library.


By clicking the Add button a dialog box will be shown to select the ASM file that contains the ASM routine(s).


By clicking on the Delete button the selected Routine will be removed from the selected library.


A library is an ASCII file that contains ASM routines.


Each routine must be preceded by the name of the routine between brackets.

Each routine must be ended with the [END] line.


A sample routine is shown here :



;decrease the register pair r6 and r7 with one

; return zero in ACC when r6r7 is zero


Dec r6                               ; dec LSB

Cjne r6,#255,*+4         ; if it was zero

Dec r7                              ; we need to decrease r7 to

Mov a,r7                             ; result into a

Orl a,r6                            ; OR with r6 to see if it is zero




The library can be included with the $LIB directive.

A routine can be imported with the $EXTERNAL directive.


$lib "mylib.lib"

$external _dec76