Tools Triscent Converter

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The Triscent Converter will convert a .H file generated by the Triscend program into a triscend.DAT file that can be used by BASCOM.

The triscend.DAT file has an additional section named XBYTE.



CMAP0_TAR = ff00

CMAP0_ALT = ff01


The 3 lines above show the section and 2 entries. The triscend chips are configured by writing to locations where normally XRAM is located.

BASCOM handles this automatic for you. So when you assign a value to CMAP0_TAR, the value is written to location &HFF00 where the CMAP0_TAR register is located.

Reading this XRAM SFR will do the reverse.


At you can find all info you need. Look for the E5 line of chips. These are 8051 compatible chips which can be configured with the Triscend software. You can for example create 3 UARTS, add I2C, SPI, TIMERS etc.

So the E5 chip is hardware configurable by software!

After you created your chip , you create the .H file and this file must be imported with the Tools Triscend Convert option.


There  is an evaluation KIT available from triscend. Another pro is that the chips have many pins. So when your design needs a lot of I/O pins, I advise to look at these chips.