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The update process is simple.

Go to the main MCS website at http://www.mcselec.com
In the left pane under 'Main Menu' you will find a link named 'Registration/Updates'


Notice that the website uses two different accounts : one for the forum/shop and one for the registration/updates. You will see the following screen:



Click the link and select 'Create new account'



You need to provide a username, password, email and full name. Company name is optional. When you want to receive notifications when updates are available, select this option.

When you filled in the information, click 'Submit Registration'.


After you click submit, you can get various error messages. For example that a username already exists. Press the Back-button in your browser, and correct the error, then try again
If the registration is successful you will get a message that the registration succeeded.
Now you can login. You will see the following screen :


You need to chose 'Product registration'.
The following screen will be shown:



Select a product from the list. (BASCOM-8051)
Enter the serial number


noticeIt is important that you enter a valid serial number. Do not try to enter serial numbers from cracked versions. When you enter invalid serial numbers, you will loose support and the ability to update.

The valid serial number is shown in the Help, About box.




When the product is selected, the serial number is entered, and you press 'Register product' you will see the following message :




This does mean that you registered successfully.
MCS Electronics will validate all registrations once in a few days. When the product is validated you will receive an email. After you receive the email, you can login to the register again.
Now you need to select 'Download LIC files'. The following screen will be shown:



At the top you can see which products are registered, and which status they have.

When you want to do a FULL SETUP, you need to download the full version.

You do not need to uninstall a previous version. You can install an update into the same directory or a new directory.


The ZIP file you download contains only one setup.exe. You need to run this executable.

It is also important that you put the license DLL into the same directory as setup.exe

Setup will copy this file to the bascom application directory. You can also manual copy this file.

The license file is on CD-ROM, diskette, or the media (email) you received it on. It is only supplied once.

Without the file, bascom will not run.


The file is named bsc5132L.DLL for BASCOM-8051.

When you got the license by email, it was zipped and probably had a different extension. Consult the original installation instructions.

The file is only provided once, we can not, and do not provide it again.


See Installing BASCOM on how to do a full install.


Partial updates are no longer supported. You always need to download and install the full setup!