Program Show Result

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Use this option to view the result of the compilation.




See the Options Compiler Output for specifying which files must be created.

The files that can be viewed are report and error.

Click the Print button to print the selected file.

Click the Ok button to return to the editor.



bm42 or CTRL+W


Information provided in the report:




Shows the version of the library (the compiler).


The type of microprocessor the file is compiled for.


The name of the source file.

Date and time

The compilation date and time.


The start and end time needed for compilation.

Baud timer

The timer used for the generation of the baud rate.

Baud rate and frequency

The baud rate selected for the uP and the used crystal. This info is used for RS232 related statements such as PRINT and INPUT. Note that when you use the $crystal and $baud statements the exact baud rate is shown.

ROM start

The starting location of ROM memory.

RAM start

The starting location of RAM memory.

LCD mode

4 bit or 8 bit LCD mode.

Stack start

The starting location of the stack. The space below the stack is used for internal variables. The stack grows when calls are made by the machine language routines.

Used ROM

Displays the length of the binary file.




The name, type and the location in memory of the used variables