Options Compiler Output

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With this option you can specify which files must be created.






Binary file

This will generate a ROM-image of the program. Of course you can also store it in a flashrom.

Debug file

This option will generate a DBG-file. It is used by the simulator. When you don't use the simulator, you don't need to generate it.

Hex file

This is an Intel hex-file that is used by most programmers and monitor programs.

Old Intel hex file

This option will generate an old style Intel hex file and is used by the Elektor monitor. If you choose this option, you must unselect the Hex File option.

Report file

This file contains info about the program, such as the baudrate, used variables etc.

Error file

This file is generated when an error occurs. It holds the error descriptions.

When there is no error, the file will not be created.