Options Environment

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With this option you can modify the environment options.






Auto indent

With auto indent, the cursor will be set to the same left margin as the current line when you press return.

Don't change case

This option will not change the case of your line when you enabled 'Reformat code'. By default each first characters case is set to uppercase.

Reformat BAS files

Reformat files when loading them into the editor. This is only necessary when you are loading files that were created with another editor. Normally you don't need to set this option.

Reformat code

Reformat code when entered in the editor. This will reformat the line after you have set focus to a new line.

Smart tabs

Will look at the previous line for non spaces to position the cursor.

Syntax highlight

Enables/disables syntax highlighting

Show margin

Shows a margin at position 80.

Comment position

The right position of the comment.

Tab size

The number of spaces equivalent to one tab.

Key mapping

Selects the behavior of the editor. Default behaves like Delphi.

No reformat extension

Specifies file extensions separated by a space where the reformatting is disabled. (for text files or dat files)

Size of new edit window

Selects the size of the edit window when a file is opened.








Background color

Background color of the editor

Keyword color

Color used to highlight keywords(statements)

Comment color

Color used to highlight comment

ASM color

Color used to highlight assembly

HW register color

Color used to highlight special function registers

Editor font

Font name of the editor


Check to display keywords in bold


Check to display comment in Italic







Tool tips

Will enable/disable tool tips.

Show Toolbar

Will display/hide the toolbar of the IDE.

Save File As… for new files

When you enable this option you will be prompted to give new files a name before they will be saved with their default name.

File location

The path to the location of your BAS files. Normally Windows will use My documents as a default.