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These routines can be used to communicate with Dallas Semiconductors 1Wire-devices.



Syntax 1 for use with the CONFIG 1WIRE statement


1WWRITE var1  [ , bytes]

var2 = 1WREAD( [ bytes])



Syntax 2 for use with multiple devices/pins


1WWRITE var1  [ , bytes]  pin

var2 = 1WREAD( [ bytes] [, pin])

var2 = 1WREAD( [pin])


Pin is the port pin to use with the device such as P1.1




Reset the 1WIRE bus. The error variable ERR will return 1 if an error occurred.

1WWRITE var1

Sends the value of var1 to the bus.

Optional is the number of bytes that mist be sent. var1 is a numeric variable or constant.

var2 = 1WREAD()

Reads a byte from the bus and places it into var2.

Optional is the number of bytes that must be read. var2 is a number variable.





'                    1WIRE.BAS

' demonstrates 1wreset, 1wwrite and 1wread()

' pull-up of 4K7 required to VCC from P.1

' DS2401 serial button connected to P1.1


Config 1wire = P1.1                     'use this pin

Dim Ar(8) As Byte , A As Byte , I As Byte


1wreset                                 'reset the device

Print Err                             'print error 1 if error

1wwrite &H33                           'read ROM command

For I = 1 To 8

Ar(i) = 1wread()                     'place into array


For I = 1 To 8

Printhex Ar(i);                     'print output


Print                                                       'linefeed


'You can also use multiple pins

'alias the pin first

Tsensor Alias P1.2


'the optional argument specifies the pin to use

1wreset Tsensor                                               'reset


1wwrite &H33 Tsensor                                         'write value to Tsensor

1wwrite Ar(1) , 2 Tsensor                                     'write 2 bytes to Tsensor

A = 1wread(tsensor)                                           'return byte from Tsensor

Ar(1) = 1wread(2 , P1.2)                                     'read 2 bytes from Tsensor